Explore the place that houses traditional textile communities that have been responsible for an exquisite line up of hand woven and block printed fashion textiles.

The story of the exquisite Maheshwari textile starts somewhere in the fifth century at Maheshwar that is located in central India and that is where our journey begins.

Stay at the Ahilya fort , caressing the sacred Narmada river, previously home to Maheshwar╩╝s Holkar Dynasty and still home to Richard Holkar. Spend some time at the looms of the Rehwa society which aims to revive the centuries-old hand weaving tradition of Maheshwar, and to improve the lives of Maheshwar's women weavers.

Visit WomenWeave, a trust dedicated to improving the livelihoods of rural women weavers, and interact with their team at the Gudi Mudi Centre. Conversations about how the tradition of Bagh printing is being kept alive with the sons of the legendary craftsman, Suleman Khatri. Visit another Bagh studio where you observe various facets of block printing like repetitive dyeing and block making.

Explore Mandu and the Jahaz Mahal Palace that appears like a ship floating on water. Observe the beautiful canals and pavilions that tell an age-old story.

A first hand experience of the rich textile legacy awaits you as you travel through dusty hamlets and obscure villages in this part of the country. You see for yourself the love, hard work, skill and artistry that goes into the making of fabrics the world celebrates.



Immerse yourself in interactions with communities and visit historic places.

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  • Ahilya Fort

    The iconic family fortress turned guest residence is located on the banks of sacred River Narmada. Its captivating history combined with its beauty is bound to make your stay memorable.

  • A Boat Ride on the Narmada River

    Enjoy a commentary on a boat ride down the sacred Narmada River and coast along the Ghats and temples with features and unique architectural details that makes Maheshwar what it is.

  • Interactions with Women Weavers: Rehwa Society

    Meet with the women weavers working at the Rehwa Society, a organization that aims to place the income directly into the hands of our artisans.


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