Folklore and fragrant mustard fields combined with village homes and a gracious host gives you a taste of Punjab. Create fascinating memories, whether in your heart or your camera. Come Breakaway

Punjab - the colourful, vibrant home of the glorious Golden Temple, the jutti, the Amritsari fish tikka, large-hearted people and a whole lot of fun! This trip is curated by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu- author, columnist, travel writer, but mostly a travel extraordinaire.

Experience the night service at the famous Golden Temple, culturally the most significant place of worship for Sikhs. The Temple is not just known for its beautiful construction and spiritual richness. It has been renowned for its 'spotless langar' that feeds any and all visitors with unquestioning largesse. We too partake in the langar after having listened to the gentle gurbani. Your escort will walk you through the kitchens of the Temple and share the significance of 'kaar seva' at the "langar".

Spend the night at the charming Ranjit Svaasa, a heritage hotel in Amritsar followed by an early morning heritage walk through the historical bylanes of the inner city. Familiarize yourself with some little-known quirks of Amritsar where you'll get to savor its rich cuisine.

The Punjab experience is incomplete without a charming village homestay where you stay in "The Kothi" built amidst the bucolic countryside. Enjoy the hospitality of a traditional village home, farming, local cuisine, and a vast stretch of land with glinting wheat ears and an unforgettable experience.

Explore the pristine (read un-touristy) places which allow you to embrace the zest and effervescence of Punjabi culture and the warmth of its people. Discover Punjab like never before. Come, Breakaway.



Experience rustic India, unparalleled hospitality and a different kind of culinary delight

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  • Golden Temple

    Listen to Shabad Kirtan (Sikh devotional hymns), and enjoy Karah Prasad (a sweet preparation served in gurudwaras) at the holiest Gurudwara for Sikhs, Sri Harmandir Sahib (The abode of God).

  • The Kothi

    The old-worldly Kothi, set at the top end of a tree-lined driveway merging with viridian grounds efflorescent with colour, is a happy marriage between traditional Punjabi and colonial design motifs.

  • A Traditional Dhaba

    Enjoy the delectable cuisine that the city is famous for- the soft as sponge Aloo Kulchas, the ubiquitous sarson da saag and makki di roti, and Amritsari sweet lassi.


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